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WWA Welcomes Author Naomi Shihab Nye

On November 17, 2016, WWA fourth and fifth graders were treated to a visit from poet, songwriter and novelist, Naomi Shihab Nye.  Ms. Nye, who has won many awards for her work, shared some of her techniques for writing, her beginnings as a writer, and challenges and successes she has experienced.  Students were able to hear her present three of her poems, and ask questions of this well-traveled author.  

Drawing on her experiences and perspective having lived in the United State and the Middle East, Ms. Nye encouraged the students to continue to write and gave examples of how she has used her own experiences as writing prompts. 

Referring to herself as a "wandering poet," Ms. Nye has written many books of poetry, including Come With Me: Poems For a Journey, which was shared with the fourth and fifth graders before her visit.  Her book, The Turtle of Oman, about a young boy facing a move from the Middle East to Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been included in the Kalamazoo Public Library Global Reading Challenge.

You can enjoy this short video of Ms. Nye presenting a poem she wrote that was inspired by her young son's humorous questions and beliefs.

What's a Good Fit Book?

Parents, please ask your student what makes a "Good Fit" book.  We want your students to read books at their reading level, but also, books that they will enjoy!

One method for determining if a book is a good fit is the Five Finger Test.  

The reader should open the book to any page with text. Begin reading and raise one finger for each word with which you struggle.  At the end of the page, note how many fingers you raised.

        1 Finger -  Easy to read.  Enjoy!

        2 Fingers -  Just right.  Go for it!

        3 Fingers -  Challenging.  Give it a try!

        4 Fingers -  Very challenging.  Read with a partner?

        5 Fingers or more -  Not a good fit.  Save it for another time.

We have "Five Finger Test" Bookmarks in the library. Stop in if you would like one!

We All Read! 2016 

We had a great time celebrating the success of our We All Read! 2016 program!  

On Friday, February 26, 2016, our students, staff, family members and KPS administrators enjoyed a Black History Tribute by fifth graders and a "Bunnicula" concert by our second and third graders.  Their hard work paid off with a touching and entertaining program.

Wing War Winners
Congratulations  to these classes who had the highest percentage of students turning in all five of their weekly vocabulary puzzles: 
k-1: Ms. Dentel's Class
2-3: Ms. Bartlett's Class
4-5: Ms. Bryce's Class
These classes enjoyed a pizza party for their hard work!

Please enjoy these photos of our program and celebration!

We All Read! 2016.pptx